Some More Painting Samples

Blueproject3.3 Blueproject4.3


This is more like it! I think these samples are closer towards what I had in mind for my most recent animation. I am particularly fond of the top image, there is some beautiful detail in the image, the paint still looks wet. It has a little more shape and depth to it than the bottom image, though there are positive properties to both.

The combination of paint, pen and pencil, with the varying definition and thickness of line is something that I want to explore further.

I think this could lead in to the start of a larger exploratory project, which would be a good way for me to refine my research and hopefully take it to a clearer next level.

Some Samples for My New Animation

Blueproject1.32 Blueproject1.3


I am most of the way along with the creation of my new animation, so I thought I would show a sneak peak with some of my samples. In these two images I have only used paint, specifically blue oil paint, the end product will be constructed with both paint, ink and pencil. Because of this I think these samples look a little too pristine, though they are visually attractive. The addition of pen and pencil will add some extra fineness and sharpness.

I love the cloud-like quality of the central areas, it looks very turbulent, as well as adding plenty of depth and shape to the images.  I also really like the fine fair-like quality along the interior edge of the circle, it makes me think of an unusual deep sea creature, or a simple single-cell organism. I like playing with allusions to different processes (particularly biogenesis, as well as cosmic cycles) and the concept of the sublime within human consciousness.

As is clearly evident, I am still fascinated with circles. I promise I will try different approaches soon, though they will still have a geometric bend to them.


Experiments With Drawing & Painting

I have been a very busy boy recently with lots of different projects. I am happy that I have managed to make free time appear from somewhere to get some artwork done. It seems to be something that is easy to neglect and it is a great shame when that happens. I have something to keep me motivated currently, because I am working towards making an animation to show at Surface Gallery, where we are having a volunteer show.

Something that I have been thinking about recently is what is the difference between painting and drawing? Once that question is given even a little thought it becomes murky and not as obvious as it seems on first inspection. It is a very open question that I clearly do not expect a precise answer to, I just intend to prod around in the border areas and see where the overlaps begin.

One of the most pressing things with this question is the use of different mediums. For example, conventionally paint would obviously be used to create a painting and a graphite pencil can be used to create a drawing, but what about ink from a drawing pen used with solvent? It would traditionally be considered a drawing tool and medium, but it acts much more like paint.

That touches on what is a cultural distinction between drawing and painting, that when both are combined, drawing is the preparatory stage and paint follows onwards. It is interesting to consider whether that is necessary, when paint is added is it irrevocably a painting? I can imagine people saying that is an unfinished painting, perhaps even in a derisory way, and what is it when traditional drawing materials are added to a surface containing (presenting) paint, particularly when what is conventionally considered the drawing materials visually dominates the painted area, mixed media maybe?


Autumn Story

I have been looking around for lots of interesting animations. I have been doing some planning to make a new one of my own so it feels like a good time to do that. Chalk is one of my favourite materials to draw with so I am already fond of this. There are plenty of other aspects that I like as well.

I have seen this lots of times before, I am a very big fan, I may even have blogged about it before and I always happy to watch it again. I love the traces that are the leftover and the clear sense of there being a journey undertaken.

The really smooth blackboard surface means that the chalk can be moved comparatively very far and very cleanly. I would like to do more drawing experiments with surfaces like this.

Ruby, by Emma Allen

This video has been doing the rounds of the internet recently, I took a liking to it so I thought I would show it here. It has a very effective and deep atmosphere to it, which suits the storyline well and suits the tradition of make-up art, which is all about transformation.

It reminds me that I have been wanting to do some experiments with drawing on ‘objects’ have than just flat 2d surfaces. I have been meaning to do some tests with a nicely shaped rock that I have, it would be a neat way to experiment with depth and shape. I must get around to it…

I like the strength of the colours here too, they very effectively stand out against the skin tones and background.

Some New, Blue, Drawings

Maelstrom3.31.1.14 Maelstrom2. Maelstrom1.31.1.14


I finally got around to doing some drawings! It is just a pity I am not really happy with them. They are just about testing some ideas and theories I have for the next animation I am going to make.

Three points to make:

  • It is going to have a live video background, the black in these drawings is just a placeholder.
  • It is going to be drawn using blue.
  • It is going to circle inwards, like water in to a drain.

Generally when I go test drawings they don’t look as refined as the finished product, partly because I scan them so they are very close up, and obviously because I am not putting as much time and care as I would in to dozens of hours animating. However, I can generally see the big issues still. I think for this particular project (which I will expand on later), paint would be a good medium. It gives me an excuse to use my very delicate paintbrushes!

These are nice enough drawings, but I would love this to be something special, and different from what I have done before, while building on what I have already done. Proper preparation makes all the difference.

I do like how all the different shades of blue work together, it creates a more pronounced sense of depth and maintains some shape. Its an alright start, lots of work to do though.